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A Kinky Autistic is intended to be a space in which people of all backgrounds can read and participate in discussion around sex, kink, disability and more. For this reason, I will not tolerate bigotry of any kind in the Comments section of my site. This includes, but is not limited to, ableism, classism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia and sexism. I reserve the right to delete comments without prior warning and to block users who are behaving inappropriately.


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You may not republish entire blog posts of mine without my express written permission, and I reserve the right to request a fee for this as well.

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Failure to adhere to the above will result in me contacting yourself in the first instance, and then your webhost to file a copyright infringement complaint. Also, I will say mean things about you to my friends.

Guest content you commission me to produce for your publication will typically remain my own intellectual property, which means that my permission will be required to reproduce it or to edit it after its publication. I reserve the right to request a fee for the republication of my content, as well as the right to review all edits to my content before they are made.

Captions or transcripts you commission me to produce for your media will be your own intellectual property unless we discuss otherwise. This means that you can share these on any platform, but I would always appreciate a shout-out for my hard work!


Any sponsored content on my site will be labelled as such, in accordance with both UK governmental guidelines, US governmental guidelines and my own ethics. I will always be transparent about my relationships to brands and individuals wherever relevant (such as in reviews, personal essays etc.) and will never intentionally mislead my readers in any capacity.

Links to my posts in your own posts or on your social media are hugely appreciated! I’d love it if you could notify me of this via Twitter so that I can thank you, and share the post you link to me within where appropriate.