Hire Me

Hire me to write things:

I have been running A Kinky Autistic for over a year now, publishing dozens of pieces about sex, disability, identity and more. I also have experience with writing guest posts for external publications, all of which you can find links to on my ‘Find Me Elsewhere!’ page. Here are some examples of things I could write for you:

  • Erotica – I will both write erotica for your publication & write about the process of producing erotic media
  • Sex, sexuality, and the intersection between sex & disability
  • Kink and the intersection between kink & disability
  • Nonbinary identity/queer identity
  • Living as an out-and-proud autistic adult
  • Depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder & mild/infrequent psychosis
  • Chronic pain/hypermobility

Prices are available on request and may differ according to required length, required research and the reach of your own publication. Content I produce for your publication will remain my own intellectual property, and full terms and conditions will be discussed prior to the content’s production.

I am also open to writing sponsored content to be hosted on my own blog and will require monetary compensation even if you are sending me a product for feature or review. (Unfortunately, my letting agent does not allow me to pay my rent with dildos. If you know a letting agent who might, please let me know.)

Business enquiries can be sent via Twitter DM (@KinkyAutistic) or via my contact form.

Hire me to caption or transcribe things:

In addition to writing guest posts and sponsored content, I also offer transcription and captioning! If you have a piece of sex-oriented media you want transcribed or captioned, be it porn, an educational YouTube video, or a podcast about scat, I’m your guy.

Why should you get your media transcribed? Well, in short, it makes it more accessible to a wide range of people, including (but not limited to) people with hearing difficulties, people with auditory processing difficulties, people whose first language isn’t English and people who want to engage with your media whilst eating really loud crunchy snacks.

Why should you have your media transcribed or captioned by me? Not only do I have hours upon hours of experience transcribing and captioning media through an online agency, I also love sex-oriented media and will be familiar with and unfazed by the terminology used within it. I’m a postgraduate English student, studying several linguistics-focused modules at university, so I’m a stickler for grammar and spelling, and, because I’m fairly new to transcription, I offer competitive pricing per minute transcribed or captioned:

Transcription = £0.35 per minute (so if your file were 60 minutes long, it would cost you £21 to commission a transcription)

Captioning = £0.40 per minute (so if your file were 60 minutes long, it’d cost £24 to have it captioned)

I can usually guarantee a 24 hour turnaround time, and will let you know as soon as I receive your request a) whether I’m able to fulfill it and b) if it’s one of those rare occasions where I can only promise a 48 hour turnaround instead.

Reach out to me via my contact form and make your content more accessible today!

More information:

I will appear as a guest on anybody’s podcast entirely free of charge, because I think podcasts are awesome and I love talking.

Information about my policies regarding payment, ethics and intellectual property can be found on my ‘Policies’ page. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out using my contact form or Twitter DMs.