My Stalking Kink, Part 1: The Abstract

I’m not often at a loss for words. Words are kind of my thing. When I came to realise that my autism might make it difficult for me to engage in paralinguistic communication (that is, communication outside of words, like body language, facial expression and tone), I committed to getting really good at words so that I could still articulate myself as well as any neurotypical person, albeit in a roundabout way, and so that I could understand my neurotypical loved ones as thoroughly as possible.

But I am kind of stuck as to how to explain my stalking kink.

Let’s start with a recurring non-sexual fantasy I have: I walk into my flat (‘flat’ being a nice way of saying ‘my bedroom which is also my kitchen’). There is an unconventionally handsome man sitting on my bed. To get there, I know he must have had to get into my building by stealing or replicating one of the fobs all the tenants get, and then by learning the code to open my door or else learning how to bypass it. I am floored and quietly terrified, and I prop the door wide open with my body for the whole interaction. I ask him gently how he got in here, who he is and why he is on my bed. He explains he’s been watching me for an unnerving length of time, has somehow accessed my building’s CCTV to learn which room is mine and the code it requires to enter, and that he hasn’t done anything weird whilst waiting me to return from Advanced Stylistics. (He does not explain how he knew I had Advanced Stylistics on my uni timetable today.) He tells me he’s been watching me like this because he’s in love with me.

I tell him very carefully that I’d be interested in getting to know him but I would appreciate it if he didn’t enter my bedroom without my knowledge or permission again. He accepts that even though he knows an alarming amount about me, I know very little about him, and we can’t dive into the passionate lifelong partnership he’d been imagining just yet. I ask him to leave so that I can unwind for the evening and process the fact that I just found a strange man on my bed. He obliges, but the energy that comes off him as he walks by me and out of the door suggests that it is taking every ounce of self-restraint you can fit into a human body to prevent him from pinning me to the door and making me his by force. A couple of hours after this encounter, he somehow intuits that I am too stunned to cook, and a Deliveroo driver knocks on my door with my favourite kebab from my favourite takeaway place, fully paid for. I learn that he even tipped the driver handsomely, as I would’ve done (if I’d had the money).

You may be starting to understand, reader, what I want from my stalker fantasy.

In essence, I want to be wanted so thoroughly that it overrides all social convention, but not so doggedly that it prompts my stalker to disregard or transgress my boundaries (except for the ones I haven’t made explicit, like “Don’t enter my room without my permission,” or, “Don’t watch me through my webcam”). I want to be so desired by this person that they drip precum when they smell the washing powder I use. I want them to masturbate to the selfies in which I’m fully clothed as well as the ones where I’m not. And I want them to have the patience and the self-control and the desperate need for me to like them that’ll make them proceed, however clumsily, at my pace when we finally meet.

I want to be lusted after and obsessed over and pursued.

It’s… a lot.

Next week I’ll talk in more detail about the paradoxical nature of fantasies that involve some element of non-consent (you want it, but it’s not what you want if the other person knows that you want it, but if they do it and you actually don’t want it then your want isn’t fulfilled, etc.) and the week after that I might explore the roots of this particular kink and when it is (and isn’t) useful to identify the parts of your psyche that birthed a fantasy.

In the meantime, though, I’d recommend listening to songs like The Horror Of Our Love’ by Ludo and ‘The Word You Wield’ by Say Anything, if you want an insight into some of the darker places my mind goes when I reflect on this fantasy of mine, and commenting or getting in touch if you have a similar fantasy, or a different take on the stalker vs. prey dynamic!

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  1. I really like the way you have explained this. And I also feel that my fantasies transcend what would be usual social convention. This is an interesting thought. Thank you 😊

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